Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

No. Ketto practices absolute transparency and accountability. If the funds were raised in the name of an NGO then they cannot be transferred to a personal/corporate account. If there is an issue found with the NGO's documents or there is any such issue, the funds will be refunded to the donors.
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    • Do I need to return the funds raised?

      No, the funds you raise on Ketto are in the form of a donation/gift/contribution and you do not need to return the funds.
    • What documents do I need to submit to withdraw the funds I have raised?

      Once your fundraiser is approved, you can submit the bank account details and photocopies of the following documents of the beneficiary: PAN card Address proof - Aadhar card (front and back) or Passport (first and last page) or Election card (front ...
    • What is Ketto "Verified" tag I see on some fundraiser's on Ketto?

      The "Verified" tag states that a Ketto representative has personally met the patient at the hospital and the funds raised will be transferred to the hospital's account.  Note: Ketto does not verify end utilisation of funds
    • How to get featured on 'Trending Now' or home page

      Ketto believes in merit. Based on a complex algorithm that factors in the number of visitors, number of supporters, social media shares, funds raised & conversion rates, the successful fundraisers will appear on the 'Trending Now' page by default.
    • How will Ketto help in promoting my fundraiser?

      As a crowdfunding platform with technological features, our primary goal is to enable YOU to reach out to your friends, family members, acquaintances and even strangers. We don't promote all fundraisers links - Team Ketto has set up an algorithm that ...