Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

No. Ketto practices absolute transparency and accountability. It is not possible to transfer funds raised on behalf of an NGO to a personal or corporate account. A refund will be made to donors if there is an issue found with the NGO's documents.

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    • What is Ketto's foreign funds transfer policy?

      Ketto has revised its foreign fund's transfer policy. 1. For individuals raising funds for medical treatment: If you are an individual and raising funds for medical treatment, you can now accept foreign funds from Indian’s staying abroad and from ...
    • What documents do I need to submit to withdraw the funds I have raised?

      After your fundraiser is approved, you can submit the beneficiary's Indian bank account information which has an active IMPS service along with the photocopies of the following documents: PAN card Address proof - E-verification of Aadhar card Note: ...
    • As an Individual can I raise foreign funds?

      Individuals that run a fundraiser on Ketto can raise funds from all around the world. The funds can only be withdrawn to an NGO account with a valid FCRA account, or a Vendor's or Hospital's account. Please click here to learn more.
    • Do I need to return the funds raised?

      No, the funds you raise on Ketto are in the form of a donation/gift/contribution. Hence, you do not need to return the funds.
    • What is Ketto "Verified" tag I see on some fundraiser's on Ketto?

      The "Verified" tag states that a Ketto representative has personally met the patient at the hospital and the funds raised will be transferred to the hospital's account. Note: Ketto does not verify the end-use of funds.