Can I share my rewards with my friend or family?

Can I share my rewards with my friend or family?

Only Teleconsultation rewards can be shared with friends and family.
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    • Type of SIP rewards

      Ketto has introduced these rewards as a way of thanking SIP donors.  Type of SIP rewards: Teleconsultation - This reward provides donors with access to free online medical consultations. Medical bill reimbursement - This reward lets donors claim ...
    • How many times can I claim the SIP rewards in a month ?

      Based on eligibility, SIP rewards can be claimed once in every billing cycle.
    • How do I know if I am eligible for SIP rewards? What is reward eligibility?

      For SIP donors, We come up with 4 benefits: SIP Protect, Tele-consultation, Medical Bill Reimbursement and Matching donations. Donors donating Rs.100/- per month will be entitled to SIP Protect and can select any 1 from the rest 3 Rewards. (If donor ...
    • What is Money Back Model/SIP protect, how can I claim it?

      SIP Protect is one of the rewards for SIP users. This reward lets donors claim all their donations back when hospitalized at a Ketto partner hospital, reducing the out of pocket expenses. Although most insurance policies cover 90% of total costs, ...
    • What is SIP?

      The Social Impact Program (SIP) is a monthly giving program where you can donate as little as Rs.100. Many campaigns need funds urgently. Every month, your donation will be used to support one such campaign to aid a child's treatment and recovery. ...