Do I need to pay tax on the funds raised? | Ketto Customer Care

Do I need to pay tax on the funds raised ?

The funds you raise on Ketto can be withdrawn post the deduction off Ketto fees, PG fees and GST. The net amount you receive post the deduction may be applicable for local government taxes.

Ketto does not provide tax advice and it would be best to check with your tax consultant about the same.

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    • How do I withdraw the funds I have raised?

      In order to withdraw funds in your bank account, you need to submit your bank account details and documents as per Ketto's requirements. You can find the list of documents 'Individuals' and 'NGOs' need to submit by clicking on the highlighted words. ...
    • Post funds withdrawal queries

      Funds withdrawal requested, funds not received. All INR funds are to be credited to your account in 1-2 working days and USD funds in 5-7 working days. Post which you may contact us on +919930088522 between 10:00 Am to 7:00 PM or write back to us ...
    • Is it possible to refunds the funds back to the donors after the funds are withdrawn?

      Once funds are withdrawn, they cannot be refunded back via Ketto. If you still wish to refund the funds back to donors you can contact the support team on or call us at +919930088522.
    • Can't the funds directly go to our account?

      You can sign in and withdraw your funds at your convenience. Ketto works with multiple payment gateways eg. PayU, Stripe, Billdesk, Paytm, etc. The funds are first collected in Ketto's accounts and upon clearing any refund request/chargebacks and ...
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      When will my bank account be reviewed? Your beneficiary bank document will take 48 workings hours from the time he/she has uploaded the documents. If the documents are still reflecting under “Pending status” for more than 48 working hours. Please ...