Does Ketto capture the donors’ PAN Card Details? | Ketto Customer Care

Does Ketto capture the donors’ PAN Card Details? If not, why?

Ketto receives a majority of its donations through mobile devices and we have found that most people do not have their PAN details on the go. Thus, making PAN compulsory leads to a very high drop rate in the donations.

PAN is not required of all donors, only of those donating above a certain amount. Nevertheless, donors get a link in the transaction acknowledgment email to update their PAN.

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    • Do we get details of 'anonymous' donors?

      Yes, in your NGO dashboard, you will get their contact details. They will just not show on the campaign page to the rest of the world.
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      No, the 80G receipt will be issued to Indian donors by you. You will be provided with a dashboard that will have all your donors' details auto-populated and a tool to send bulk 80G receipts with 1-click. Do we have to issue the 80G receipt on the ...
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      1. Visit, click on the 'Start a fundraiser' button and fill the NGO application form You will receive a response to your application with 2 business days. You can apply again if your application isn't accepted. 2. What documents do NGOs ...
    • Where can I find my donor details?

      Login to your NGO dashboard> Go to the left panel and click on the "Donors" tab, then click on "Download as CSV." ​
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      Ketto has 10000+ NGOs listed on its platform. So are even after applying particular filters - city & cause, there are hundreds of NGOs that are displayed in a specific order as per our algorithm. To view your NGO's landing page on Ketto, all you have ...