For what purposes are fundraisers not accepted by Ketto?

For what purposes are fundraisers not accepted by Ketto?

  • To launch traditional businesses like grocery stores, dairy/poultry farms, etc.
  • For entrepreneurial endeavours like launching or managing a website, app, youtube channel, product, NGO, other startups, etc.
  • For debt relief, loan repayment, paying EMIs by individuals or companies
  • Equity crowdfunding - Raise funds in exchange for providing shares to donors
  • To manage the daily operations of a company eg. paying salaries, rent, etc.
  • To pay for personal/family‚Äôs basic daily necessities and events eg. weddings
  • To purchase items like a car, bike, house, laptop, mobile, etc. or for personal travel
  • Fundraising to use the money for investment in real estate, stocks, etc.
  • Litigation crowdfunding - Fundraising to pay for legal fees
  • Crowdfunding by political parties or candidates to fight elections
  • Crowdfunding to take funds into a non-Indian bank account
  • Started for an NGO that hasn't been verified and onboarded on Ketto

Your fundraiser may also be not be accepted or rejected at any stage for the following reasons:

  • No justification provided for the specified goal amount i.e. no details regarding how the funds will be utilised
  • Duplicate fundraiser - A fundraiser mistakenly created when another by the same person and for the same purpose already has been accepted
  • Consent not provided by the beneficiary i.e. raising funds in one's name without their permission
  • False information provided or misrepresentation of details in the fundraiser
  • Required authentication documents not provided or misrepresentation of identity by the campaigner
  • Transactional fraud eg. credit card fraud
  • Use of hate speech or words inciting violence
  • Use of graphic, violent, disturbing images (as per Ketto's Content team's discretion)
  • Use of copyrighted content without permission of the creator
  • Use of forged medical or other documents
  • Content copied from another fundraiser
  • Fundraising for a deceased patient or one whose bills have already been paid for
  • Inactive fundraiser i.e. no funds raised post 15 days of creation or no donation for 15 days from
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