How do I get a tax exemption receipt for my donation? | Ketto Customer Care

How do I get a tax exemption receipt for my donation?

Fundraisers with tax exemption will have the same mentioned on its page. You will be notified if you made a contribution to a fundraiser that is eligible for tax exemption in the acknowledgement email. The donation is not eligible for tax exemption if the information is not included in your email. To download your 80G receipt, you simply need to: i) Sign in to your Ketto account with the Email ID used to make the donation. Click on 'Forgot password' if you don't remember your password. ii) Click on 'Profile' and go to your donation history. iii) Click on 'Download 80G' for the donation you would like to download in PDF format. If you are unable to download or view the receipt for some reason, drop us an email at

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