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How do I report a fundraiser that seems fraudulent?

It’s our constant endeavour to ensure that Ketto is the safest and most secure platform for everyone. In case we come across a fundraiser that isn’t transparent or created with malicious intentions, we instantly take necessary action.

But we have thousands of fundraisers created on our platform every month, and despite all our vetting measures, some fraudulent fundraisers slip through. So, we have decided to enlist your help to locate cases of fraud on our platform.

If you come across such a fundraiser, we request you to kindly report it to us along with evidence to support your claim. Our team will look into it immediately and ensure there’s a swift resolution to the issue.

The following are instances in which you should report a fundraiser:

  • The campaigner is lying or being misleading about their identity
  • The campaigner is misrepresenting their relationship to the beneficiary of the fundraiser
  • The campaigner is raising funds in the name of someone without their consent
  • The campaigner is posting false statements in the fundraiser or statements inciting violence
  • The campaigner is posting personal information eg. number, address, illness, photos, documents, etc. of an individual without their consent
  • The campaigner is using copyrighted material in a fundraiser
  • The campaigner is committing a violation of the Information Technology Act, 2000


How can I report a fundraiser?

Click on the button ‘Report this Fundraiser to Ketto’ present on the bottom of the fundraiser. Every fundraiser on Ketto has this button. You will be taken to a form which you have to submit to report the fundraiser.


What will Ketto do with my complaint?

Your complaint is sent to our Trust & Safety team. Our team will review your complaint and launch an investigation to verify the facts of the case. You might be contacted for further information in order to resolve the case, so make sure you enter your most recent contact details.

You will be communicated the results of our investigation within 5 business days

Note: Ketto is an intermediary and is not responsible for the usage of the funds donated through our website. It is the sole responsibility of the person or organisation raising funds to ensure the funds are used for the purpose for which they were raised. If you have donated to a fundraiser and want to report a fundraiser for misuse of funds, you can lodge a complaint through the 'Cyber Crime' portal:

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