How do I stop Ketto Advertisements & Targeting?

How do I stop Ketto Advertisements & Targeting?

Advertisements are a basic need in today's’ digital world for any organization to grow its digital footprint.

Ketto leverages advertisements via various mediums to fulfill the donation needs of any of its numerous crowdfunding campaigns.

Why am I being shown so many ads from Ketto?

  1. Since you visited In the past, you have visited Ketto website or any campaign and support someone in need.
  2. Because you donated on Ketto: In the past, you have helped someone get through their tough time by donating to their campaign.
  3. Affinity Targeting: According to advertising platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Google, etc, you are among the people who care for social causes and feel compassionate about other people who are going through pain.
  4. You follow us on social media: You are currently following Ketto (or used to follow Ketto) on one of the social media platforms that Ketto has a presence on. 
  5. You have helped someone: by sharing, liking, commenting or promoting their crowdfunding campaign in past.

Why does Ketto need to show ads?

  1. By showing ads to people across the world, Ketto has been able to raise donations and help thousands of people. 

    We have raised 200+ Crores with the help of advertisements.  This, in turn, has helped over 10,000+ patients live a healthy disease-free life. We have fundraised for more than 2000 NGO’s who support many social causes. The donations collected on our platform have helped give a second life to thousands of people, who would have otherwise been left untreated.
  1. Ketto is trying to make the world a better place.
    Ketto uses technology to bring people together and help each other. Basically we connect beneficiaries, patients in need with donors. Often advertisements help us break the clutter and reach out to people like you and help people in need.

  2. Urgent support: Many times, people need donations urgently and do not have any time to wait  for people to find their campaign. Ketto helps them to reach their target fast by promoting their campaigns. If not for advertisements, they might lose their loved ones forever. Many surgeries and treatments need your support in matter of hours and there is no other way to collect donations that fast without promoting it via ads to collect it.      
  1. Lack of personal resources: Many underprivileged people, who come from low-income backgrounds and need a large sum of funds don't have a strong social media network and are therefore unable to raise funds online without the help of ads. They either succumb to their pain or die if not supported by ads to get donations from people across the globe.
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