How much of the monthly contribution goes directly to the patient?

How much of the monthly contribution goes directly to the patient?

95% of every customer's contribution goes toward the campaigns in need. The remaining 5% is recovered by Ketto to cover administrative expenses incurred in processing the donations, which helps Ketto to raise more funds as a result.
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    • Why are you asking me to make a monthly donation?

      Donations on a monthly basis are encouraged, as this helps Ketto plan and support campaigns that require funding on an urgent basis. Donating monthly also means you commit to being a part of this noble cause.
    • How can I increase or decrease my monthly pledge amount?

      Please follow the below steps to increase the pledge amount. Go to  Sign in to your Ketto account using your registered email or phone number. Click on ‘Pledge More’. Choose the amount you wish to Pledge More and Submit ...
    • How do I sign up for it?

      To be a part of Ketto's Monthly Giving Program, click here. Select the amount which you wish to donate on a monthly basis, fill in your personal details, choose a preferred payment mode and click on the Pledge Button. Your Social Impact Plan will get ...
    • How can I cancel my subscription?

      If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription follow the below mentioned steps: 1. Login to your Ketto SIP account. 2. Click on my donations and then click on more options icon (vertical 3 dots available beside My Donations) 3. Click on Turn off ...
    • What is Ketto SIP & its rewards?

      The Social Impact Program (SIP) is a monthly giving program where you can donate as little as Rs.100. Many campaigns need funds urgently. Every month, your donation will be used to support one such campaign to aid a child's treatment and recovery. ...