How to let my supporters know more about the cause? | Ketto Customer Care

How to add an UPDATE to let my supporters know more about the cause?

Login to your Ketto account, click on 'My Fundraisers', choose the fundraiser for which you wish to post an update. Now click on 'Promote Fundraiser' followed by 'Post an Update.'

Post the required information, photos, and video links.

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    • How to promote a fundraiser?

      Stage 1: Divide your social circle into an inner circle (friends, family, colleagues) and an outer circle (old friends, distant relatives, ex-colleagues, etc.). Stage 2: Reach out to your inner social circle first – friends, family and colleagues. ...
    • Want to edit the fundraiser /restart the fundraiser/ end the fundraiser?

      You, as a campaigner, have the power to edit all the content on your page. You can also extend the fundraiser date. We encourage campaigners to update the page regularly, give updates, share interesting facts, and keep the supporters engaged. Visit ...
    • How to get featured on 'Trending Now' or home page

      The successful fundraisers will appear on the 'Trending Now' page by default based on a complex algorithm that factors in the number of visitors, number of supporters, social media shares, funds raised and conversion rates.
    • What are rewards?

      The campaigner offers rewards to incentivize supporters and to thank them for making a contribution to your fundraiser. It can be a special thank-you note, coffee mugs, badge, public thanks, mention on Facebook or other social media channels, or ...
    • How do I start a fundraiser? | Education | Medical | Memorial etc.

      Visit and click on the 'Start A Fundraiser' button. Change your purpose of fundraising from 'Medical Treatment' to 'Other Cause' Fill the required information & choose your purpose for fundraising (e.g education, medical, memorial etc) ...