What documents are required to get started as an NGO on Ketto? | Ketto Customer Care

How to get started as an NGO on Ketto? What documents are required?

1. Visit www.ketto.org, click on the 'Start a fundraiser' button and fill the NGO application form

You will receive a response to your application with 2 business days. You can apply again if your application isn't accepted.

2. What documents do NGOs need to submit for due diligence?

Once your application is accepted, all NGOs must at least share the following documents with Ketto:

A. Incorporation Document/Registration Certificate/Trust Deed/Society deed (mandatory)
B. PAN Card Copy(mandatory)
C. 80G Registration Certificate(if applicable)
D. Bank Account Information for Indian donations & a cancelled cheque of the account/previous month's bank statement (mandatory)
E. FCRA Certificate and Bank details & a cancelled cheque of the account (if applicable)

3. Where do I need to submit these documents?

Please sign in to your Ketto account and there is a section in the profile section of your dashboard, "Beneficiary" where you have to add the NGO's bank details and upload required documents. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us.

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    • Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

      No. Ketto practices absolute transparency and accountability. If the funds were raised in the name of an NGO then they cannot be transferred to a personal/corporate account. If there is an issue found with the NGO's documents or there is any such ...
    • Do we get details of 'anonymous' donors?

      Yes, in your NGO dashboard, you will get their contact details. They will just not show on the campaign page to the rest of the world.
    • Does Ketto capture the donors’ PAN Card Details? If not, why?

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    • Can I make edits on my NGO micro-site?

      No, at this point in time, this feature is only available to the team at Ketto. So, if you ever want something to be modified, please get in touch with the team and the change will be made within 24 hours.