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How/when can my medical (campaigner KYC & medical docs) be approved? Why was it rejected?

  • How can my medical (campaigner KYC & medical docs) be approved?

All medical campaigns are pre-approved. To get the campaign approved, the campaigner has to upload and complete the verification process.


For campaigner KYC

Campaigner has to upload his/her front and backside of - Aadhaar card.

For medical documents:

Campaigner has to upload beneficiaries’ medical reports: Cost Estimate Letter, Hospital admission Letter, Discharge Summary or any Other Hospital Reports

  • When can my medical (campaigner KYC & medical docs) be approved?

Campaigner KYC: Verification process for the campaigner (Individual starting the fundraiser) takes 24 working hours, from the time he/she has uploaded documents.


Please note:  If you created your fundraiser on Friday, your Campaigner KYC documents will be verified on Monday, as Saturday & Sundays are non-working days.


  • Why was it rejected? – Need to help to upload / re-upload them.

Your documents may be rejected due to following reasons mentioned below:

  1. Medical Reports like Cost Estimate Letter, Hospital admission Letter, Discharge summary or any other Hospital Reports shall be considered for verification. Any of these following reports uploaded with missing /false /incomplete information or blurred will be rejected. Please make sure that the medical documents uploaded are not older than 6 months from the submission date.
  2. Aadhaar for Campaigner KYC (A person initiating the fundraiser) - Campaigner KYC documents may be rejected. If the campaigner uploaded the required documents but did not include the Aadhar number, or if the campaigner uploaded the Aadhar card of another person (other than the campaigner).

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