My card was charged without my permission. | Ketto Customer Care

My account was charged without my permission. I don’t remember subscribing to this plan

Login to Ketto using your email or phone number and cancel your subscription from the My Donations section. For any further questions, please contact
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    • My subscription was cancelled, still the money got debited from my account?

      This shouldn’t happen. Please provide the email address, charge date, amount, and payment method to
    • Why are you asking me to make a monthly donation?

      Donations on a monthly basis are encouraged, as this helps Ketto plan and support campaigns that require funding on an urgent basis. Donating monthly also means you commit to being a part of this noble cause.
    • How do I sign up for it?

      To be a part of Ketto's Monthly Giving Program, click here. Select the amount which you wish to donate on a monthly basis, fill in your personal details, choose a preferred payment mode and click on the Pledge Button. Your Social Impact Plan will get ...
    • Is my donation eligible for Tax Exemption?

      Donations received through Social Impact Plan are eligible for tax exemptions. Steps to register for 80G: Login to SIP application Go to My Donations and click on >>Add PAN and Address>>Add now>>Enter basic details>>Submit. It’s a one time ...
    • How can I increase or decrease my monthly pledge amount?

      Please follow the below steps to increase the pledge amount. Go to  Sign in to your Ketto account using your registered email or phone number. Click on ‘Pledge More’. Choose the amount you wish to Pledge More and Submit ...