Want to edit the fundraiser /restart the fundraiser/ end the fundraiser?

Want to edit the fundraiser /restart the fundraiser/ end the fundraiser?

Want to edit the fundraiser /restart the fundraiser/ end the fundraiser?

Edit fundraiser

As the campaigner, have the power to edit all the content on your page. Change the goal amount or extend the fundraiser date. We encourage campaigners to update the page regularly, give updates, share interesting facts and keep the supporters engaged.

  1. Visit ketto.org.
  2. Sign in to your Ketto account with the registered email address or mobile number.
  3. Click on “My Fundraiser”.
  4. Click on “Edit my fundraiser”
If logged in through Laptop or desktop - refer to Video 1 "Withdraw funds - Web"

If logged in through Mobile - refer to Video 2 "Withdraw funds - Mobile"

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