What documents do I need to submit to withdraw the funds I have raised?

What documents do I need to submit to withdraw the funds I have raised?

After your fundraiser is approved, you can submit the beneficiary's Indian bank account information which has an active IMPS service along with the photocopies of the following documents:

PAN card

Address proof - E-verification of Aadhar card


The bank statement or cancelled cheque or first page of the passbook should clearly mention the bank name, branch name, IFSC code, account number, and account holder's name.

Address proof should be valid at the time of submission and include the full address.

All documents should have the same name.

The documents should be easily readable and not blurred or cropped.

For medical campaigns:
Incase, if the beneficiary is minor. Then, the funds will be transferred into parents or hospitals bank account.
If the beneficiary does not have a bank account or other mandatory documents then post verification funds can be transferred into direct blood relatives account or hospital bank account.  

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    • Do I need to return the funds raised?

      No, the funds you raise on Ketto are in the form of a donation/gift/contribution. Hence, you do not need to return the funds.
    • How can I upload KYC documents and Medical Documents?

      To upload the KYC documents follow the below steps: Visit www.ketto.org. Sign in to your Ketto account with the registered email address or mobile number. Click on “My Fundraiser”. Click on E- Verify Aadhar a new Digi locker dialogue box will open ...
    • Can funds raised for an NGO be transferred to a personal account?

      No. Ketto practices absolute transparency and accountability. It is not possible to transfer funds raised on behalf of an NGO to a personal or corporate account. A refund will be made to donors if there is an issue found with the NGO's documents.
    • What is Ketto's foreign funds transfer policy?

      Ketto has revised its foreign fund's transfer policy. 1. For individuals raising funds for medical treatment: If you are an individual and raising funds for medical treatment, you can now accept foreign funds from Indian’s staying abroad and from ...
    • As an Individual can I raise foreign funds?

      Individuals that run a fundraiser on Ketto can raise funds from all around the world. The funds can only be withdrawn to an NGO account with a valid FCRA account, or a Vendor's or Hospital's account. Please click here to learn more.