What is F.C.R.A? Why is applicable to Ketto

What is F.C.R.A? Why is applicable to Ketto

The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 2010 is an Indian law that regulates the receipt and use of foreign funds contributed by individuals, associations, or companies, as well as prohibits the acceptance and use of foreign contributions or foreign hospitality for any activities harmful to the national interest, as well as matters related to or incidental to those activities.

The FCRA will apply to all foreign donations received through Ketto. Before accepting foreign contributions, recipients must check that they are in compliance with the FCRA and other RBI standards.
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      RBI guidelines are carried out on the existing fundraisers so we can ensure the RBI regulations are met on our end. Also, you as a campaigner can also be safeguarded against any regulatory action on account of violation/non-compliance of F.C.R.A. ...