What is SIP(Social Impact Plan)? | Ketto Customer Care

What is Ketto SIP & its rewards?

The Social Impact Program (SIP) is a monthly giving program where you can donate as little as Rs.100. Many campaigns need funds urgently. Every month, your donation will be used to support one such campaign to aid a child's treatment and recovery.

There are additional benefits for you as well. You can use the amount you contributed to this program to pay your medical bills


Can the rewards be shared with friends or family?

Only teleconsultation rewards can be shared with friends and family.


How many times SIP rewards can be claimed in a month?

Based on eligibility, SIP rewards can be claimed once in every billing cycle.

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    • What is Money Back Model/SIP protect, how can I claim it?

      SIP Protect is one of the rewards for SIP users. This reward lets donors claim all their donations back when hospitalised at a Ketto partner hospital, reducing their out-of-pocket expenses. Although most insurance policies cover 90% of total costs, ...
    • How can I get a refund of my SIP?

      SIP donations are not eligible for refunds. For any further queries please reach out to our support team at help@ketto.org or call us on 9930088522.
    • What are the payment options for SIP

      Currently, there are 2 payment modes supported for SIP donation. Net banking. (Most preferred mode) UPI. (Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm)
    • Why was the SIP amount debited twice?

      Due to any technical issues, the donor made the payment twice then the amount will be deducted twice, in this case, the donor can reach us at help@ketto.org or call us on 9930088522.
    • Does Ketto store customer's payment details?

      We at Ketto gives utmost importance to safety. We work strictly towards the Data protection act and do not store any customers' credit card information. The payment details are stored temporarily on the payment gateway site, during the transaction ...