What is the additional cost of 1999 in my campaign? And can I opt out of this plan or get a refund? | Ketto Customer Care

What is the additional cost of 1999 in my campaign? And can I opt out of this plan or get a refund?

The service charge of INR 1999 is for the Medibuddy plan.

This plan will save your entire family from high out-of-pocket spends. Ketto has partnered with MediBuddy to bring you unbeatable benefits: Surgery care benefits worth ₹10,000 and up to 70% discounts on lab tests and 15% discounts on medicines! Additionally we also provide you a wallet amount of ₹2500 which can be utilized for your lab test and online medicines purchase. With MediBuddy, you can connect with over 90,000 doctors across 25 specialties

The plan will be registered under the campaigner’s name and mobile number, however the benefits can be availed for upto 3 members as well apart from the user.

For further details, you can visit the FAQ below -


Furthermore, this plan can be canceled / refunded if you reach out to us within 7 days of your plan activation and you have not utilized any benefits of the Medibuddy plan.

For more details you can write back to us at help@ketto.org

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