What's the benefit to create a fundraiser instead of raising money online directly?

What's the benefit to create a fundraiser instead of raising money online directly?

There are many advantages to create a campaign for raising money through crowdfunding on Ketto rather than on your own website.

Social Proof: Ketto is fully integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn to help you promote your fundraiser. Individuals are more likely to give to an NGO if family, friends, or colleagues personally ask for support.

Payment Convenience: Ketto supports multiple payment options including credit card, debit card, net banking and cheque pick up. Most NGO websites only support a limited number of payment options. Additionally, Ketto's technology ensures minimum drop off during transactions. We are working with the best payment providers in the world to constantly increase transactions.

Raise More Funds: Although a crowd-funding platform is slightly more expensive than donating directly to an NGO website, this cost is justified. The ease of use, convenience, and sophisticated marketing efforts to acquire donors make crowd-funding worthwhile. Most NGOs would be able to raise much more money for the same program through a well-executed crowd-funding campaign as compared to its alternative (i.e. just fundraising on the website). Also, due to the long-term engagement of users on Ketto, donors (repeatedly) are giving more than ever.

 A crowd-funding platform brings transparency in fundraising by sharing real-time updates to fundraiser creators on the amount raised from donors. This leads to more accountability as each campaign creator has first-hand information to track the progress of the fundraiser and to accelerate efforts if necessary to ensure that the goal amount is reached by the appropriate deadline.

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