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When will my bank account be reviewed?

  • When will my bank account be reviewed?

Your beneficiary bank document will take 48 workings hours from the time he/she has uploaded the documents. If the documents are still reflecting under “Pending status” for more than 48 working hours. Please contact us at help@ketto.org

  • Why was my bank details/beneficiary KYC rejected?

KYC documents may be rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. If the campaigner has uploaded his/her documents, instead of beneficiary’s documents
  2. If the documents uploaded are blurred, or any missing/incomplete information etc.

Please note: To know the specific reason for rejection you are requested to check your e-mail notification.

  • Need help to upload/re-upload beneficiary bank document
  1. Visit ketto.org.
  2. Sign in to your Ketto account with registered email id & password.
  3. Click on “My fundraiser”.
  4. Click on “Withdraw button”.
  5. The next screen you see – “Add bank account number (beneficiaries’ bank account number) & upload the beneficiaries bank documents. 
If logged in through Laptop or desktop - refer to Video 1 "Withdraw funds - Web"

If logged in through Mobile - refer to Video 2 "Withdraw funds - Mobile"

  • How can I edit beneficiary details?

The beneficiary can be changed in certain cases depending upon the situation.

  1. In most of the cases, the first preference is given to transfer the funds in the hospital’s account.
  2. The beneficiary can be a primary relative (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter & Wife, Husband, Brother or Sister).

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      INR funds that you receive in your account will come under the name 'PASFAR' and/or Ketto USD funds that you receive in your account will come under the name 'Ketto'
    • Can't the funds directly go to our account?

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      In order to withdraw funds in your bank account, you need to submit your bank account details and documents as per Ketto's requirements. You can find the list of documents 'Individuals' and 'NGOs' need to submit by clicking on the highlighted words. ...