Eligibility for 80G

Eligibility for 80G

It's extremely important to understand if your donation is eligible for tax deductions.

Not all donations on Ketto are eligible for tax deductions, and the requisite information is given on the fundraiser page and in your confirmation mail, that will help you determine if your donation is eligible or not.

You can login and go to your transaction history to view the same.

If you have made a donation to a fundraiser which is not eligible for tax deductions you will not receive an 80G receipt, you will only receive an acknowledgment of your transaction. 

If you have donated to 80G (tax exemption) applicable fundraiser, you will receive the 80G directly from the NGO. 

However, you can also follow these steps to get your 80G certificate.

1. Visit the link below:

2. Also, make sure you check your promotions or spam box for the same.

If you still haven't received it you can drop us an email on info@ketto.org