How/when can my fundraiser (non-medical) be approved? Why was it rejected

How/when can my fundraiser (non-medical) be approved? Why was it rejected

How can my fundraiser (non-medical) be approved? Your fundraiser must have a clear objective. Get all the necessary information such as photographs, documents, and most importantly, the details of the fundraiser (including how the funds will be used). When can my fundraiser (non-medical) be approved? The verification process takes 24 working hours once you have submitted your fundraiser. Post this you may contact us on 7700975559 or write us at Note: If you created your fundraiser on Friday, then the Campaigner and Beneficiary KYC documents will be verified on Monday since Saturday & Sunday are non-working days. Why was it rejected? Your (non-medical) campaign may be rejected due to the following reasons: 1. Missed or incorrectly uploaded (image blurred, etc) the necessary documents. 2. Created multiple fundraisers for the same cause. 3. The cause is not supported by Ketto. 4. The content is insufficient or there is no information regarding the use of funds. 5. The Beneficiary hasn’t permitted them for initiating a crowdfunding request. Note: Fundraisers can be rejected if the cause is not supported by Ketto. For what purposes are fundraisers not accepted by Ketto? Please check your email notification for the specific reason for a rejection
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